May 21, 2011


Posted by Evelyn Mervine

Dana Hunter, Callan Bentley, and Lockwood DeWitt have started a new geoblog meme– GeoLOLCats! Seems that many geobloggers have adorable kittehs, and we’re LOLing pictures of cats that have geology themes.

If you’re unfamiliar with LOLCats, see here. For the GeoLOLCats, you can see entries here and here, including some LOLs starring my two beautiful cats Samira (calico) and Zayna (black-and-white with a funny mustache). Like cats and geology? Feel free to join us in this meme!

Just this evening, my cat Samira– who is very fluffy– provided me with another great LOLCats pose. Below are the original picture and my LOLed version.

By the way, the booklet Samira is lying on is a “Rocks and Minerals Unit” report that I put together back in 3rd or 4th grade at my Montessori School. I will be featuring some material from this report in future “Blast from the Past” posts. There’s even a (rhyming!) poem about the rock cycle. I was such a nerd, even back in elementary school.

Samira the fluffy, original photo. Woods Hole, MA, May 2011.

Samira the fluffy, LOLed. Woods Hole, MA, May 2011.