May 20, 2011

Interesting Search Terms That Found My Blog

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

For the past little while, I have been keeping track of some interesting search terms that found my blog. These are just a sampling of ones that I happened across. I’ve put some “answers” below the search terms. Hope you enjoy. Happy Friday!

what is at the center of any self respecting volcano (4/5/11)
Answer: The lair of a mad scientist.

is jurassic park too scary for 8 yr old (4/6/11)
Answer: My grandmother took me to see Jurassic park in theaters when I was 9 years old, and I was very, very scared and had nightmares about velociraptors. However, the movie also helped inspire my interest in geology & dinosaurs.

synonym: hot liquid that come from tsunami in japan  (4/6/11)
Answer: Oil and gas that caught on fire? The only thing worse than a tsunami is a tsunami ON FIRE.

what is komatiite used for today (4/8/11)
Answer: Many komatiites are mined for diamonds.  D’oh, that would be kimberlites. Thanks for the correction, Chuck. More here.

is there a volcano in japan (4/9/11)
Answer: Yes. Many, actually.

dress code geology convention (4/10/11)
Answer: Recommended dress code for a geology convention is a t-shirt with a dinosaur and/or a geology pun on it, hiking pants, and teva sandals with socks.

dress code for geologists (4/27/11)
 Answer: See above.

best reporting on fukushima (4/11/11)
Answer: My blog? Maybe? I’m honored that this search reached my blog.

bee bop the bear (4/11/11)
 Answer: Is the general exam bear! And I’m not the only one who thinks he’s a bear. Yay!

can average students become great scientists (4/12/11)
Answer: Yes. Absolutely.

why do geologists hate the core movie (4/17/11)
 Answer: Well, I’d define it as more of a love-hate relationship.

cimarec hot plate, error message (4/18/11)
Answer: I bet you hate Cimarec hotplates, too. I have no idea what the f**k the error messages mean. And I’ve read the manual ten times.

mit lab fire hot plate (4/27/11)
Answer: Yes, crappy (probably Cimarec) hot plates can cause fires. And melt valuable samples.

blatt and tracy, petrology: igneous, sedimentary and meta (4/19/11)
Answer: Obviously, you want to see cute pictures of  my cats.

are the lithosphere and crust the same (4/19/11)
Answer: No.

low budget movie about a volcano (4/29/11)
Answer: I recommend Magma: Volcanic Disaster.

how do vesicles form? geology (4/29/11)
Answer: This might be helpful.

nonfiction geology novels (4/29/11)
Answer: Pssst… novel = fiction. 

travertine bathroom pictures (5/1/11)
Answer: Here’s more than you ever wanted to know about travertine.

most cluttered offices (5/7/11)
Answer: Yes, my office is a bit cluttered… but that’s just related to my brilliance. Maybe.

whoi general exams difficult (5/10/11)
Answer: Yes and no. But Bee-Bop helps.

hamsters move the tectonic plates (5/8/11)
Answer: Say what???

what composition is the mantle felsic (5/9/11)
Answer: No. Ultramafic. 

have people died at geo field camp (5/14/11)
Answer: Probably. But geo field camp is awesome! Take a wilderness first aid class if you’re worried. Actually, I highly recommend that for all geologists.

small picture of eating raccoon (5/15/11)
Answer: Is a jungle raccoon eating pizza okay?

honnybees interact with the lithosphere (5/17/11)
Answer: Say what???

alternate careers for geologists (5/17/11)
Answer: Why on Earth would you want an alternate career? Being a geologist rocks. Actually, I’ve had days when I’ve considered alternate careers, too.

beep bop break dancing (5/19/11)
Answer: I’m sorry that you were looking for information about break dancing and instead found information about PhD qualifying exams.

card games for 2 people (5/19/11)
Answer: No idea why this search reached my blog. I don’t have any posts about card games, but here’s one about the most awesome car game ever.

geologists name for the first continent (5/19/11)
Answer: Vaalbara, maybe?

iguanodon poem (5/19/11)
Answer: Yes! I happen to have one of those.