April 25, 2011

Munich in Pictures

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

Because of mechanical problems with an airplane, I took an unexpected route to South Africa. Travel is often this way; you have to be prepared for the unexpected. Often, the unexpected makes for the best travel stories. Now that I’ve recovered from jetlag and travel exhaustion, I have a good story… even if still I don’t have my luggage four days after my arrival.

As a result of my changed travel schedule, I had a seven hour layover in beautiful Munich, Germany on April 21st.  Fortunately, the airport was not very busy, and I had enough time to make my way through customs, take the hour long train ride into the city, walk around the Marienplatz area for a few hours, and take the train back to the airport to check in for my flight to Cape Town. While I was having an early lunch in the Marienplatz, I was lucky enough to see the remarkable animation and music of the Rathaus-Glockenspiel.

Below are some pictures of my few hours in Munich. Click on any of the pictures to enlarge.

Statue man. If you come too close he threatens you with his sword!
Horse mural 1.

Horse mural 2.

Excellent street music.

Beautiful, elaborately-decorated building.

Marienplatz + tourists.


Murals, gargoyles, and a dragon, oh my!

More excellent street music… Chinese, I think?

Musician close-up.

Glockenspiel tower!

Incredible animation… the dancers dance! There are also jousting knights.

Typical doorframe in the Marienplatz.

Center of the Marienplatz.

Marien herself.

The dragon was soooo cool I had to take more pictures.

Dragon close-up.

Paintings above some tourist shops.

Just down the street from the Marienplatz.

Lions… not *quite* as cool as the dragon.

This yellow building is gorgeous!

Tired, luggageless tourist in Munich.

A final shot of the beautiful yellow building… anyone know what it is?