December 26, 2010

Winter Blizzard

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

My fiance, my two cats, and I are currently up in New Hampshire visiting my parents and sister for Newtonmas. We have decided not to drive back down to Woods Hole today because of this:

Winter storm from StormPulse. Image taken a few minutes ago. Click on the image for a larger version.

An enormous winter storm is fast-approaching our house in southern New Hampshire.We’ll probably receive a foot to a foot-and-a-half of snow. I think that it’s already wintry mixing on Cape Cod.  I much prefer a foot of snow to a foot of wintry mix, so we’ve decided to stay here in New Hampshire a couple more days.

By this evening we should be able to sled down the driveway and cross-country ski around the neighborhood. Cross-country skiing with my South African fiance is always entertaining. He saw snow for the first time just two years ago, and he is fascinated by “wild ice” as there is only “domesticated ice” in South Africa. He is clueless about winter sports such as skiing and ice skating, though he is very enthusiastic about them. On skis he doesn’t really know how to stop, so he just crashes to stop. He’s improving slowly, though.

Whenever there is a large winter storm or hurricane, I enjoy tracking these storms using StormPulse and the NOAA Storm Tracker.

Storms such as the one about to hit New Hampshire remind me of how fragile we humans and our civilization are relative to the intense power of natural forces such as blizzards. There have been snowstorms all over the globe recently- in the Western USA, all over Europe, and even in Australia— and it’s summer there! These storms are wreaking havoc with holiday travel. Last week, a friend of mine spent three nights sleeping in the Amsterdam airport.

I’m glad that we’re able to weather this winter storm safely at my parent’s house. We have plenty of food and water. There are two gas-burning stoves and plenty of candles and flashlights in case the power goes out. We have skiis, sleds, and snowshoes in abundance. And, of course, we have hot chocolate. What else could we need? Happy snowstorm, for those of you in New England.