November 27, 2010

Field Animal Favorites

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

If I were not a geologist, I think I would be a zoologist or would go to graduate school to study animal behavior. I really like animals. I limit myself to two housecats because I like to travel and animals require you to stay home and take care of them. However, a part of me wants a whole zoo… in my one bedroom apartment. I think this runs in the family. My grandmother has six cats, three dogs, fifteen horses, several cows, peacocks, and some goats. She used to have a three-legged goat that lived in her house with her. My sister has two ferrets, many lizards, and fish. My sister also breeds (yes, breeds) tarantulas. Yes, my sister is cool and bad-ass. My parents currently only have two cats and a dog, but when I was growing up we also had nine guinea pigs and myriad hermit crabs and fish.

Fortunately, in my geological wanderings I often come across field animals… so I will probably continue to limit myself to the two cats. This weekend I am mired in histograms and models and putting together my AGU (American Geophysical Union, a big annual geology conference) poster. I like analyzing data, but it can be a bit tiring sometimes. So, to take a quick break from data analysis and poster-making, here are some of my favorite field animals I’ve run across on geology trips. From camels to coatis to streetcats, they all make me happy.

Bison, Sheep, Goats, and Camels… Oh My!

Bison Jam, Yellowstone, Fall 2005.

Sheep Jam, Italian Alps, June 2010.

Adorable Shepard Dog, Italian Alps, June 2010.
Goats, Oman, January 2009.
Baby twin goats with mom, Oman, January 2009.
Why hello there, Oman, January 2010.
Momma and baby camel, Oman, January 2010.
Okay, this camel isn’t so cute…, Oman, January 2009.

Just in case the 4×4 breaks down, Oman, January 2009.

African Menagerie:

Baboons, South Africa, September 2010.
More baboons, South Africa, September 2010.

Elephant, South Africa, December 2009.

Baby elephant, South Africa, December 2009.

Elephants eating invasive plants, South Africa, December 2009.
Dassie (rock hyrax), South Africa, December 2009.

Baby lions *and* tigers, South Africa, January 2008.

Aquatic Animals:

Dolphin, Indian Ocean, Summer 2007.
Whale, Indian Ocean, Summer 2007.
Seal, South Africa, March 2009. 
Monitor Lizard 1, Singapore, August 2007.
Monitor Lizard 2, Singapore, August 2007.

Crab lunch, Singapore, August 2007.

A Few More Jungle Animals:

Monkey 1, Singapore, August 2007.

Monkey 2, Singapore, August 2007.
Coati, Costa Rica, November 2010.

This coati is a thief as you can read about here.


Streetcat 1, Thailand, June 2007.

Streetcat 2, Thailand, June 2007.
Streetcat 3, Thailand, June 2007. Can you tell that Thailand in June is hot and sweaty?
Streetcat 1, Oman, January 2009.
A year later, the same streetcat, Oman, January 2010.

Streetcat 2, Oman, January 2010.

Streetcat in tree 1, Oman, January 2010.
Streetcat in tree 2, Oman, January 2010.