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May 15, 2023

Student creativity through Sciku (science haiku)

I could tell this semester’s course content was weighing heavily on my students emotionally, despite my efforts each week to discussion solutions to our global challenges. So I decided to lighten the mood at the end by challenging students to write and share their own “sciku”. I was completely amazed with their creativity, their passion, and the clear investment of themselves in writing the haiku and supporting description.


May 16, 2017

Take-home final exam – Story Cubes for climate

Telling a story can help with communicating climate science. By using Rory’s Story Cubes as a foundation, students come up with symbols that could serve as the start of a climate story (and as a new version of this game!).


December 2, 2015

Writing a take-home final exam? Look to Chipotle for inspiration

I’m always looking for creative take-home final exams I can write for students that requires them to pull together information from throughout the semester, yet has a format that eliminates the cheating opportunities. This time, with a little help from the Smithsonian and Chipotle, I have my format!


January 28, 2015

Writing cross-country with the Amtrak Residency Program

Taking a train ride soon? No matter your destination, Amtrak is encouraging people to get their creative writing juices flowing and… well, write while on the train!


November 2, 2014

Need motivation to write? Join #AcaDoWriMo this November

Need some help getting started on writing that next manuscript, or finishing up an old one that has been sitting around for much too long? Join scientists during the month of November as they support each other with #AcaDoWriMo.


June 4, 2014

Finding that dream space for summer innovation & productivity

“… if one wishes to tap into the unknown, it helps to work in a place where the imagination can soar.”  —  John Kao, Innovation Nation, p. 134 The semester is winding down or has ended for faculty, and now we shift in to “summer mode” – which, if you are like me, is a time to make wish lists of all of the research I want to accomplish and …