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April 20, 2017

Helping Students Advocate for the Earth – from InTeGrate

There is a new section of the InTeGrate Teaching Sustainability module titled “Helping Students Advocate for the Earth” – explore these resources “for advice on designing courses around issues central to your community in ways that empower students to advocate for the Earth.”


January 7, 2015

Ideas for the first day of class

Are you ready for the first day of classes? What is your approach to the first day, and how will you get your students engaged in your course? Here are some resources to get you thinking of ways to kick off your semester…


July 23, 2014

Updating how we teach the process of science

This week, I’m with a group of in-service middle school teachers for a week-long workshop on climate science.  It is always inspiring to connect with K-12 teachers to see and hear about their passion for their classrooms and for teaching – and always frustrating to hear that they have to do so with so few resources that include outdated textbooks.  And in those outdated textbooks we will find the “scientific …