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March 16, 2014

Taking Google Earth beyond the “dirt”

In 2006, oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle had a conversation with the Google Earth and Maps director that set our Google views on an exciting path forward.  Dr. Earle stated (in her words from a blog post): “You should call Google Earth ‘Google Dirt’. What about the ¾ of the planet that is blue?”  Zip forward to February 2009, when Google launched Ocean in Google Earth which now allows us to …


June 29, 2013

Google Street View Trekker in Hawaii

I am extremely excited about this news. Hawaii is a significant geologic location, and one that I know I’ll never get my students to. Fortunately, Google is taking my students for me! Who knew that by strapping a camera-equipped backpack…


June 19, 2013

Google Maps Geologic Wonders

One of the biggest challenges any geology faculty member faces is trying to get students in the field. Getting out of the classroom and face-to-face with a rock outcrop or coastal zone is the best way to get students immersed…