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May 16, 2017

Take-home final exam – Story Cubes for climate

Telling a story can help with communicating climate science. By using Rory’s Story Cubes as a foundation, students come up with symbols that could serve as the start of a climate story (and as a new version of this game!).


November 30, 2016

Take-home final exam – Earth Science for Future Presidents

The book that has yet to be written is “Earth Science for Future Presidents,” to make sure every President is prepared when it comes to Earth science and Earth issues. For your take-home exam, you are writing a nonfiction book proposal titled “Earth Science for Future Presidents”…


July 18, 2016

Take home final exam – why Earth science/the ocean matters

Here’s an idea for a take-home final exam – ask students why Earth science matters. Ask them to frame their response in the format of a script/video of a TED talk, and be prepared for some inspiring student submissions.


December 2, 2015

Writing a take-home final exam? Look to Chipotle for inspiration

I’m always looking for creative take-home final exams I can write for students that requires them to pull together information from throughout the semester, yet has a format that eliminates the cheating opportunities. This time, with a little help from the Smithsonian and Chipotle, I have my format!