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January 1, 2014

Flowchart: Can I use this photo/video/music in my project?

I saw this image in a tweet from @jasonrobertshaw, and thought it would be a great one to share with students as they complete their multimedia projects in my courses.  I like how the flowchart includes a checkpoint for faces and voices – something that especially needs to be paid attention to if minor children are captured and identifiable.  Also, the image is a great reminder to all of us …


November 25, 2013

Is a parody copyright infringement or fair use?

Trending these days is the GoldieBlox video, a clever video with three young girls that set up their own Rube Goldberg machine, showing that girls are just as smart and clever with innovative design and curiosity.  And the background music is just a clever, a re-do of the Beastie Boys song “Girls,” recorded with younger voices and new girl-friendly lyrics. GoldieBox video (unfortunately, the original video has been taken down …