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February 2, 2014

GoldieBlox is back – thanks to online voting

Last year, I wrote a blog post about GoldieBlox and the use of a Beastie Boys song to promote their toys to help girls develop an early interest in engineering (see Is a parody copyright infringement or fair use?).  The chatter about GoldieBlox company diminished in the news – but then, it has come back in a big way – with its own Super Bowl commercial! Thanks to Intuit and …


November 25, 2013

Is a parody copyright infringement or fair use?

Trending these days is the GoldieBlox video, a clever video with three young girls that set up their own Rube Goldberg machine, showing that girls are just as smart and clever with innovative design and curiosity.  And the background music is just a clever, a re-do of the Beastie Boys song “Girls,” recorded with younger voices and new girl-friendly lyrics. GoldieBox video (unfortunately, the original video has been taken down …


January 24, 2013

Students that post my notes online – beware…

Yes, even in my geoscience courses, I spend time talking about copyright, intellectual property, and why we use images with a creative commons license for our class multimedia projects. A couple of years ago, I found one of my syllabi…


November 22, 2010

Library of Congress images and copyright

One of my undergraduate researchers just emailed me, asking if she can use images from the Library of Congress website for a project. First, I’m thrilled that my students are aware that the “best practice” is to use images in…


November 18, 2010

Copyright issues of multimedia projects

I just came across an interesting article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, titled Professors Publish Guide to Copyright Issues of Multimedia Projects (November 17, 2010). The full study is detailed and provides nice examples for the English classroom that…