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February 16, 2020

Before you play conference bingo…

When it comes to conference bingo, we can do better… by not playing at all, and calling attention to our colleagues we see engaging in this activity and explaining why it is not appropriate or supportive or inclusive for our science community.


September 26, 2019

Research To Action – The Science of Drawdown Conference

What are the takeaways from the Drawdown conference? Collaboration is key, cultural transformations have to be the ultimate goal of implementation, solutions and the next generations give us hope, and let’s get to work.


December 5, 2018

Professional conferences as accessible conferences

What I appreciate about Gabi’s article is that she expands upon the topic of making conferences accessible, emphasizing that she is only providing an introduction to the many ways that conference organizers and each of us individually can work towards making the AGU Fall Meeting a more inclusive and effective professional and personal experience for all.


October 8, 2017

LiveNote app – a model for conference keynotes?

The Philadelphia Orchestra uses a mobile app to change the way audiences experience musical performances. Could this app be a model for helping audiences engage with scientific lectures?


December 26, 2014

Dr. G’s #AGU14 Spotlight – Students Mentoring Students

Can a student-to-student peer mentoring program be effective for first-time AGU presenters? See this story about a sophomore’s first time at AGU, and the graduate student that started at the same institution serving as her mentor.


December 9, 2014

Time for the fall meeting… and is it time for a new conference format?

15-minute talks, hour-long plenaries, and half-day poster sessions… is it time to rethink how we can better use technology to create a more effective conference?