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March 4, 2018

Turn your students into citizen scientists with the mPING app

Help NOAA scientists improve observations with your own reports of ground precipitation submitted through the mPING app


October 8, 2017

LiveNote app – a model for conference keynotes?

The Philadelphia Orchestra uses a mobile app to change the way audiences experience musical performances. Could this app be a model for helping audiences engage with scientific lectures?


September 2, 2015

Teaching Professor Tips – there’s an app for that!

Looking for some fresh ideas and teaching tips to kick off the semester and to continue to come your way the entire year? A free app is available to provide you daily teaching tips.


January 30, 2014

Pick A Student

Picture this… you are sitting in class, taking notes while the professor is lecturing, and then, she pauses and turns to the class to ask a question.  She is waiting for an answer.  What do you do?  You avoid eye contact so that she doesn’t call on you.  You bury your head in your laptop, or you start texting on your cell phone… Sound familiar? So, how is the faculty …


January 4, 2011

App Inventor

There are some technologies I have dismissed right away – don’t want to learn, don’t have the time, and/or think it will be too hard to figure out. But App Inventor (part of Google Labs) makes it seem almost too…