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December 20, 2016

Dr. G’s #AGU16 Spotlight – Marcia McNutt and Convergence in the Geosciences

“Convergence” is defined as the integration of engineering, physical sciences, computation, and life sciences in order to bring about profound benefits for health, energy, and environment… It is time for the geosciences to embrace convergence, as our future depends upon it.


Dr. G’s #AGU16 Spotlight – Extreme climate events from 2015

Event types from 2015 include tropical cyclones, extreme sunshine, nuisance tidal flooding, snowpack
drought, forest fires, and Arctic sea ice extent in addition to heat, cold, precipitation, and drought.


December 15, 2016

Dr. G’s #AGU16 Spotlight – Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell

Department of Interior Secretary Sally Jewell thanks scientists for all that we do, to stay the course, and to think about how to move forward with our communications


December 14, 2016

Dr. G’s #AGU16 Spotlight – a science pep rally by Gov. Jerry Brown

“Some people need a heart attack to stop smoking… maybe we just had our heart attack to fight climate.”


Dr. G’s #AGU16 Spotlight – 2016 Arctic Report Card

“Observations in 2016 showed a continuation of long-term Arctic warming trends which reveals the interdependency of physical and biological Arctic systems, contributing to a growing recognition that the Arctic is an integral part of the globe, and increasing the need for comprehensive communication of Arctic change to diverse user audiences. “


December 13, 2016

Dr. G’s #AGU16 Spotlight – Prince Albert II of Monaco

Prince Albert II of Monaco voiced his concerns about human impacts on the planet, but shared that it is not too late to act to save our global ocean and to generate planetary stability


December 7, 2016

Using Listly for “lists made social” (and #AGU16 presentations)

Looking for a way to create, curate, and share lists? Perhaps Listly can help (especially with recommended #AGU16 presentations and events)


August 31, 2016

Mentors wanted for AGU Sharing Science Mentoring Program

“Just one meeting with your mentee during Fall Meeting… can make a big difference for a graduate student who doesn’t see an opportunity to do research *and* outreach”