December 7, 2022

Stitch Your Climate Science 2022 is online and at #AGU22!

Posted by Laura Guertin

You may be familiar with this story… it all started with a Braindate during the virtual AGU Fall Meeting in 2020. Myself and AGU member Betsy Wilkening came together to share our passion for quilting and ended up brainstorming a community-wide event called Quilt Your Science. Individuals of all ages and skill levels, members and non-AGU members, were invited to create a quilt themed on an earth/space science topic. For the 2021 AGU Fall Meeting, we organized a virtual gallery in ArtSteps, gathered together on-site at the meeting to share our quilts, and held a session in Zoom for all quilters to share the stories of their quilts (read about our celebration).

We had so much fun, we decided to do it again in 2022. This time, we expanded our community to include any stitchers (not just quilters) and focused the theme on sharing a climate story. Stitch Your Science 2022 (original announcement) has now received its final submissions, and we invite everyone to come celebrate and share in the conversations with our stitchers!

seven images of stitched science scenes relating to climate

Stitch Your Science 2022 celebration!

Thursday, December 15, 14:30 (Central/Chicago time).

Meet on site in McCormick Place – Poster Hall – Pod 1
or online in Zoom
(click here to register for link)

Come see what 22 stitchers from 17 states and 2 countries submitted for their climate story via quilt, knit, crochet, embroidery, and counted cross stitch! Feel free to check out our virtual gallery ahead of time in Google Earth, and our resources will continue to be available on the project website. Updates will be posted on this blog after the event, including an announcement of next year’s Stitch Your Science theme!