January 24, 2022

In My Element – scientists sharing their stories, from LabX

Posted by Laura Guertin

Through its public engagement program LabX, the National Academy of Sciences has launched a new video series in partnership with Upworthy and Leaps.org. In My Element (https://labx.org/in-my-element/) is a collection of short videos, ~4 minutes in length, that highlights scientists sharing their stories about how they ended up in their field.
I encourage you to check out these videos and revisit the YouTube playlist as additional videos are added. The pathways each of these scientists was anything but easy and direct. But seeing and hearing from these individuals will be inspiring for your students and the start of some great conversations (and perhaps part of a Scientist Spotlight or Golden Line assignment).

Here are the first three videos (available online at the time I wrote this blog post):

Jessica Esquivel, experimental physicist

Dom Glynn, color scientist for Pixar

Nkrumah Grant, evolutionary biologist