January 1, 2022

A New Year’s resolution: Climate action

Posted by Laura Guertin

I started writing New Year’s resolution posts in 2016. Previous New Year’s posts have included help the public learn about NOAA (2017), help students feel hope towards climate action (2019), answer Dr. Lubchenco’s call for a renewed social contract (2020), and create community engagement as a science activator (2021). All of these prior posts are an excellent foundation for and connection to this year’s post.



There are so many topics and efforts that deserve our attention – how can we possibly select which one (or more than one) to declare as a New Year’s resolution? One can’t go wrong with increasing our actions relating to addressing climate change. I’ve embedded several tweets in this post that link to several ideas – from conversations to have to articles to read and reflect upon. There are even specific actions recommended from the podcast How to Save a Planet to an article from Project Drawdown.



So what’s the best way to move forward in 2022 with climate action? Covering Climate Now published an article in December 2021 titled Climate Journalism’s Watchwords in 2022? Accountability and Hope – it will be interesting to see if the articles we read in 2022 are using these terms. Perhaps reading books such as All We Can Save – Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis and Saving Us – A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World will give us enough examples of what is currently being done, what still can be done, and how we can follow through with action. This past November, my campus organized a TED Countdown event and hosted a TEDx evening with lectures on climate solutions, putting the attention on the actions and not the challenges. I’m not sure what all of my own actions will be in 2022, but they will be informed, intentional, and frequent.