April 27, 2020

Join AAAS for a Virtual Paperless Meeting Program

Posted by Laura Guertin

If you haven’t had a chance yet, there is still time to check out the AAAS Virtual Paperless Meeting Program! https://meetings.aaas.org/paperless/



As AAAS extended their proposal deadline for their 2021 Annual Meeting, AAAS decided to build on the paperless media program launched at their 2020 Annual Meeting. They have curated an eight-week exploration of thematic topics presented through scientific podcasts, video series, and documentary films. You can listen on your own time, then post your comments on Twitter during a designated chat time.

If you missed the previous Twitter chats, you can still check out the multimedia materials for each week, which follow the theme for their 2021 Annual meeting of Understanding Dynamic Ecosystems:

What would you create for a “virtual paperless meeting” on an Earth/space science topic? And could this be a model of engagement for more remote learning (perhaps bringing in an expert during the live chat time to engage with students)? Thank you, AAAS, for an example of creative engagement during challenging times!