March 21, 2020

Strategic ed tech planning with the 2020 Horizon Report by EDUCAUSE

Posted by Laura Guertin


I blog annually when the Horizon Report is released. This document, brought to us by EDUCAUSE, profiles six key trends, six significant challenges, and six important developments in educational technology as ranked by an expert panel of leaders from across the higher education landscape.

To read the full higher education edition of the 2020 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report (58 pages), visit:

The format of the report has changed this year.

“New this year! For the educational technologies, you’ll find we’ve moved away from the time-to-adoption structure of the past and in its place have offered evidence, data, and scenarios that inform what the future might look like. You’ll also find a new section that illustrates the way the findings identified in the report are having an impact on different sizes and types of institutions around the world. Our goal was to create a report that will enable you to learn, plan, and act on all that is influencing higher education teaching and learning, now and in the future.” — EDUCAUSE

More importantly, in this immediate and incredible shift to fully online teaching and learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic, how many of these “key trends and emerging technologies and practices shaping the future of teaching and learning” will remain relevant, or a priority, or will disappear from the list because of new priorities that must be addressed?

2020 Horizon Report mind map


EDUCAUSE has a relevant video that overviews 2019 Top 10 IT Issues – how digital technology is remaking higher education through three key themes: empowered students, trusted data, and 21st century business strategies. This information is also summarized on the EDUCAUSE website.


The information in the video is summarized in the following graphic from EDUCAUSE:

The 2020 top 10 IT issues


I blogged about the 2019, 2018,  2017,  2016 and 2015 reports, and you can access prior reports going back to 2004 with the NMC Horizon Report search results on the EDUCAUSE website. You may also be interested in the Campus Technology Teaching with Technology Survey 2019 results and 2018 results.