June 17, 2019

Don’t just #ShowYourStripes – engage others with them

Posted by Laura Guertin

All it takes is one tweet to send Twitter into a frenzy – in this case, over a screenshot of stripes.

Starting with…

Then continuing with…

Pretty quickly, everyone was posting this data visualization/creation of science art. But here’s the part that I wish I saw more of on Twitter – scientists sharing this powerful graphic with their communities outside of STEM. Although I certainly didn’t see every post with the temperature record, there are audiences that could be engaged with this visual – with some explanation (colors, years, etc.).


Yes, there are going to be lots of opportunities for sharing and engaging with these two key websites:


Temperature and precipitation stripes by U.S. county

But I encourage everyone to tag someone else outside the STEM community, to share the context and meaning of this data. I decided to start with my state senators:


How are you going to #ShowYourStripes to a non-scientist? Please add some suggestions in the comments field below – and maybe start with something on June 21st, the official Show Your Stripes Day.