March 18, 2019

Podcasts on Women in STEM [Women’s History Month]

Posted by Laura Guertin

Back during Women’s History Month in 2015, I blogged about The Voices of Women in STEM via podcasts. In addition to the podcasts I mentioned, such as:

I thought it was time to update that list with a few more podcast series!


Her STEM Story – “Ordinary Women sharing Extraordinary Stories” with a website/blog & podcast, to inspire more girls to join STEM.

Superwomen in Science – The Superwomen in Science Podcast aims to highlight a wide variety of different scientific endeavors, ranging from arts research to STEM fields. Each episode will include stories of past women, interviews with current women in science, and opportunities/organizations for future generations. The goal of the podcast is to increase exposure of women in science, as motivation for young women entering scientific fields and to provide a supportive community for current lady scientists.

Femmes of STEM – This podcast retrace the steps of women scientists who have gone largely unacknowledged throughout history.

Beyond the Mircoscope – This podcast discusses science, technology, innovation and business with women working in the STEM fields. Recent subjects covered include planetary science, paleontology, anthropology and even health law.

And be sure to check out Nevertheless, a podcast celebrating the women transforming teaching and learning through technology.


What’s your favorite podcast series on women in STEM? Please share below to build out this list!