March 5, 2019

March is National Weather Podcast Month

Posted by Laura Guertin

I shared in a blog post last month that podcast listening is increasing across all age groups, and I hope as these audiences grow, they find the time to explore some new podcasts in categories they never previously considered. The month of March seems to be the perfect time to give a shout-out to those sharing stories of weather, and our nationwide celebration of National Weather Podcast Month!

According to the website (, “National Weather Podcast Month is an annual program put on by the producers of the major weather podcasts to raise awareness of the entertainment and educational value of the various partner shows. Held in March each year, the producers highlight important guests and issues during the month and cross-promote each other as well.”

Note there is a challenge in the tweet above – we are challenged to listen to at least one episode of six different weather podcasts:

But also note these six are not the only weather podcasts out there!


I’ll be taking the challenge myself and will post in the comments section below my thoughts about each of the six podcast series that are listed as part of the #WxPodcastChallenge. Will you join me? Do you have any other weather-themed podcasts to suggest? How can you use weather-themed podcasts in your classroom? (I’m thinking this would be a great listening activity/assignment for our next snow day when campus is closed….)


Maybe you want to start your own weather-themed podcast? Take a listen to the existing ones, and see my post from earlier this year on Starting a podcast? This might be the year.