January 21, 2019

A New Year’s solution: Generating climate optimism

Posted by Laura Guertin

Back on January 1, I wrote and posted about A New Year’s resolution: help students (and Chuck Todd) feel hope towards climate action. Here are some ways that we each can feel “climate optimism” for ourselves and how to inspire others to take action and feel the same way. Starting with…

(You can access Dr. Hayhoe’s TED Talk directly from the TED website)

All of the tweets/articles/posts I’ve seen come online since the beginning of the year boil down how to have climate optimism to two ingredients – conversation and action. Follow the links in the following tweets, and you’ll see what I mean.




Conversation and action.

Yale Climate Connections has an article to help us along with ‘How do I break bad news about climate change?’ A six-step guide to honest and compassionate conversations. And there is no shortage of other suggestions for how to move forward on the topic of climate, such as hosting a community screening of NOVA’s Decoding the Weather Machine. As well as…



Remember for 2019 – conversation and action can provide the climate optimism and hope we want and need. My main networks are campus networks. This semester, I’ll be working on spreading this message among the students, staff and faculty – but I know I can’t stop there. Keep an eye and ear out for effective strategies for spreading climate optimism, and most importantly, share those with others, so we can all have the most impact with our words and activities.