November 27, 2018

Giving Tuesday and AGU’s Austin Endowment for Student Travel

Posted by Laura Guertin

As humanity and the planet face ever more daunting challenges, science is under attack and facts are shrugged off, the evidence-based solutions that the geosciences provide are now more important than ever. I believe it is incumbent upon us ― as members of the world’s largest Earth and space scientific society ― to support the next generation of scientists who will be working on the front lines to advance the pursuit of knowledge helping to ensure a sustainable future for all. I can think of no better way to do this than by supporting AGU’s Fall Meeting Student Travel Grant Program and opening new doors for the future.  —  Jamie Austin, From the Prow

The quote above is from Jamie Austin, a Senior Research Scientist with the Institute for Geophysics in The University of Texas at Austin’s Jackson School of Geosciences. Jamie is an AGU member that clearly believes in helping the rising scientists in our community through making fall meeting attendance affordable. But these aren’t just words of an AGU member – Jamie has established the Austin Endowment for Student Travel and has pledged to match all donations up to the amount of $1 million. This means that AGU has the opportunity to create a fund of $2 million to support students attending future AGU Fall Meetings. AGU Executive Director/CEO Chris McEntee has authored an EOS article that describes the Travel Grant Challenge even further.

If you are looking for a way to make a difference in our professional community, please start by viewing this AGU Giving Tuesday 2018 video.

[Yes, that is me you see in there! I was honored to be asked to be a part of this campaign, as I have seen the professional and personal impact on my own students when they have attended the AGU Fall Meeting.]

Join me in me this effort that will help to ensure that every young geoscientist who wishes to attend AGU’s Fall Meeting will not be denied the opportunity to do so. Let your passion to support the sciences drive you. Be fearless. Be be part of the solution. THANK YOU!  —  Jamie Austin, From the Prow

I honestly am left speechless trying to describe this selfless act of Jamie Austin. I encourage everyone to read more about Jamie in the From the Prow post, where he describes his own background and how “this current generation [of students] is both fearless and driven to work towards solutions that will ensure the resilience of the humanity in the face of mounting global problems.” Count me in, Jamie – I’ve already sent in my Giving Tuesday donation to the Austin Endowment for Student Travel. I hope others will follow your lead as well.