March 29, 2018

Articles on women in STEM, April 2017-March 2018 [Women’s History Month]

Posted by Laura Guertin

For the month of March, in honor of Women’s History Month, I dedicate some of my blog posts to the outstanding organizations, resources, and inspiring stories about women in STEM. You can view my posts from this year and past years by searching on the tag “Women’s History Month”.

This week’s post, my final post for Women’s History Month 2018, has been a work-in-progress for the past year. Previously, my post for International Women’s Day – March 8, 2016 had a short list of selected articles published in 2015 and 2016 that examine gender (in)equality and (in)equity in science. Following that post, I started compiling a list throughout the year of articles that came across my email and Twitter feed connected to women in STEM. This is my post from April 2016-March 2017. I share these articles here to help remind you of something you may have read or to call attention to something you missed from April 2017-March 2018.


Publications in journals and reports

Women and Men in STEM Often at Odds Over Workplace Equity, Funk and Parker (January 9, 2018), Pew Research Center.

Gender disparities in colloquium speakers at top universities, Nittrouer et al. (December 18, 2017), PNAS – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1708414115

Retention and promotion of women and underrepresented minority faculty in science and engineering at four large land grant institutions, Gumpertz et al. (November 1, 2017), PLoS ONE, 12(11): e0187285.

Men ask more questions than women at a scientific conference, Hinsley et al. (October 16, 2017), PLoS ONE, 12(10): e0185534.

The increasingly important role of science competency beliefs for science learning in girls, Vincent-Ruz & Schunn (August 2017), Journal of Research in Science Teaching 54(6): 790-822.

Quantitative evaluation of gender bias in astronomical publications from citation counts, Caplar et al. (May 26, 2017), Nature Astronomy.

A systematic identification and analysis of scientists on Twitter, Ke et al. (April 11, 2017), PLoS ONE 12(4): e0175368.  Article also reported on by Nature News.


Articles/Columns (magazine and newspaper)

What does a scientist look like? Children are drawing women more than ever before, Langin (March 20, 2018), Science. US kids’ doodles of scientists reveal changing gender stereotypes, Guglielmi (March 20, 2018), Nature News. Based on article in Child Development (Miller et al., 2018).

Why I don’t use Instagram for science outreach, Wright (March 15, 2018), Science.

Women edged out of last-named authorships in top journals, Brock (January 22, 2018), Nature Index.

Gone in 2017: 12 Trailblazing Women in STEM, Weinstock (January 19, 2018), Scientific American.

Gender pay gap persists – US male PhD holders earn more than female counterparts across nearly every scientific field, (January 10, 2018), Nature Briefing, doi: 10.1038/d41586-018-00113-6

Women ‘more likely to be pressured to add authors’ to papers, Pells (January 2, 2018), THE – Times Higher Education.

This Pa. meteorologist wants people to stop calling her a ‘weather girl’, Boren (December 21, 2017), Philly News.

Harassment in science is real, Bell and Koenig (December 8, 2017), Science.

Confronting Sexual Harassment in Science, Russell (October 27, 2017), Scientific American.

What does a sexist Google engineer teach us about women in science?, Abraham (October 25, 2017), The Guardian.

Male scientists share more — but only with other men, Marchant (October 12, 2017), Nature News.

Disturbing allegations of sexual harassment in Antarctica leveled at noted scientist, Wadman (October 6, 2017), Science.

Confronting sexual harassment in chemistry, Wang & Widener (September 18, 2017), Chemical & Engineering News.

Why Men Don’t Believe the Data on Gender Bias in Science, Coil (August 25, 2017), Wired.

Before the Civil War, Women Were Welcomed Into the Sciences, Blakemore (August 21, 2017), JSTOR Daily.

Beards and Gore-Tex: Does Palaeontology have an image problem?, Panciroli (August 16, 2017), The Guardian.

For One Astronomer, a Solar Eclipse Illuminates Progress for Women in the Field, Basken (August 11, 2017), The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Seven Beautiful Illustrations of Women Scientists You Should Know, Haldeman (August 8, 2017), JSTOR Daily.

More universities must confront sexual harassment, Editorial (July 26, 2017), Nature. doi:10.1038/547379a

Gender discrimination lawsuit at Salk ignites controversy, Wadman (July 21, 2017), Science.

Working Life: Academia needs to confront sexism, “a postdoc who persisted” (July 14, 2017), Science.

Female astronomers of colour face daunting discrimination, Lallensack (July 11, 2017), Nature News.

Harassment in Astronomy and Planetary Science, Hauck (July 10, 2017), AGU Editors’ Vox.

Pregnant in the field: have trowel, will travel, Carter (July 1, 2017), The Guardian.

Science is patriotic, 500 Women Scientists NYC (June 30, 2017), Scientific American.

How science got women wrong, [no author listed] (June 29, 2017), The Economist.

Lessons from the Earth Science Women’s Network, Marin-Spiotta et al. (May 23, 2017), Earthzine.

How Women Mentors Make a Difference in Engineering, Young (May 22, 2017), The Atlantic.

When Women Crowdfunded Radium For Marie Curie, Eschner (May 19, 2017),

Science Celebrities: Where Are the Women? Biba (May 15, 2017), The Scientist.

No such thing as a math person (going to an all-girls school isn’t necessarily what makes a girl good at math, research finds), Klass (May 15, 2017), The New York Times.

As a woman in science, I need to conceal my femininity to be taken seriously, Forster (May 4, 2017), Vox Media.

10 women making their mark in science, Lew (May 4, 2017),

Teaching load could put female scientists at career disadvantage, Gibney (April 13, 2017), Nature News, doi:10.1038/nature.2017.21839

Geosciences Make Modest Gains but Still Struggle with Diversity, Sidder (April 6, 2017), EOS, 98,

Increased Role Models and Inclusive Environments Entice Women into STEM Fields, Cortez (April 5, 2017), EdTech: Focus on Higher Education.

When you picture a scientist, you probably think “man.” This researcher wants to change that, Belluz (March 11, 2017), Vox.


From organizations and blogs

The Woman Who Transformed How We Teach Geography, McNeill (January 18, 2018),

Women in Science are a Force of Nature, Lemonick (December 13, 2017), Scientific American Blogs.

New Research Topic to highlight the impact of female researchers in science, Bogazzi (November 17, 2017), Frontiers Blog.

Too few women in science: why academies are part of the problem, Ngila and Boshoff (October 4, 2017), The Conversation.

Why Female Students Leave STEM, Roll (August 29, 2017), Inside Higher Ed.

Looking to the Past and Looking to the Future: Thoughts on Science and Women’s Equality Day, Bell (August 25, 2017), AGU Blogosphere From The Prow.

Do we need to keep talking about women in science?, Bonoguore (August 4, 2017), Inside the Perimeter.

How sexual harassment and bias undermine women’s access to scientific careers, Taylor and Bergquist (July 28, 2017), Science Friday

Dear Dr. Elena: How outreach kills the science stereotype, Leeming (July 5, 2017), NatureJobs Blog.

Can female mentors patch the leaky STEM pipeline? Wood (June 6, 2017), Christian Science Monitor.

Conversations on being a woman in Geoscience, McNamara (May 17, 2017), EGU Blogs – GeoLog

Why social media is good for Women in STEM, Pettorelli (May 5, 2017), SoapBox Science

Women in science share a message: Don’t give up, Zdanowicz (April 23, 2017),



Are there any from April 2017 – March 2018 that I have missed that should be included? Please add them in the comments section below!