December 13, 2017

Dr. G’s #AGU17 Spotlight – Baba Brinkman knows how to “Make It Hot”

Posted by Laura Guertin

There is a strong Arts & Science community here at the AGU Fall Meeting. From traditional sessions to discussion pods to peer-reviewed science rap (yes – you read that correctly). The AGU world was introduced to Baba Brinkman at the beginning of the Special Keynote Panel, Why We Are Still In.

His online bio states that Dirk “Baba” Brinkman was born in Canada and has planted alot of trees. In 2008 he started rapping about science topics such as evolution, medicine, conservation, and climate chaos, always checking the facts as he forms his art. He has even performed at COP21 in Paris.

The lyrics for the song he performed at AGU before the Special Keynote Panel, “Make It Hot,” can be found online. This really is worth a watch, as it is not every day you hear the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum in a rap song. Baba took notes during the panel and performed a rap at the end – you can view it in the recorded livestream of the panel (he performs “Make It Hot” from ~00:03:49 to ~00:10:40), and then his wrap-up (or “Rap Up” at 0:58:15 to 1:00:35).

Thank you, AGU, for highlighting such a unique form of science and art! Maybe take Baba up on his statement: “And henceforth, all plenaries must begin this way…”

You may also be interested in viewing the WebsEdgeEducation interview with Baba conducted at the Fall Meeting now posted on YouTube.