December 7, 2016

Using Listly for “lists made social” (and #AGU16 presentations)

Posted by Laura Guertin

As I started pulling together my 2016 AGU Fall Meeting schedule, I was pleased to see a talk relating to libraries and geoscience. Then I came across a library-themed poster, and another poster…. I knew that I wanted to share these abstracts with the faculty librarians on my campus. But what’s a good way to share this information, beyond just sending an email filled with URLs?

This year, to help myself organize my lists of themed presentations, I’m utilizing Listly ( Known for “lists made social”, Listly allows users to create lists, invite collaborators and contributors to the lists, and then share. I like the ability to embed the generated lists on a website, such as I have done with the example below of my library-themed talks. There are free and pro accounts (I’ve only explored the free option, and it works fine for what I’m looking for).

In addition, I generated a second list for audio-themed presentations. I can also see Listly being useful for sharing lists with students, and perhaps having students be the contributors and collaborators on themed-lists relating to course content.

I look forward to exploring Listly more – I know it will make it much easier for me to share these abstracts beyond fellow AGU members.