August 17, 2015

Items for the start of the 2015-2016 academic year

Posted by Laura Guertin

Looking for ideas for the semester? Stop here and enjoy these resources!

Looking for ideas for the academic year? Stop here and enjoy these resources! (photo taken in Rocky Mountain National Park by L. Guertin)

I have written several posts since I started GeoEd Trek that cover course design to course activities. Here is a list of those posts to scan through and revisit before the semester kicks off! (and the end of this post are some new articles/ideas relating to the syllabus that may be of interest)

Graphic syllabus and outcomes map – new additions to your fall syllabus?

Before you set a hashtag for your course or have students blog, think FERPA

Setting a technology policy for your classroom? Ask students for input

Ideas for the first day of class

Getting students to read the syllabus with a Syllabus Quiz 

Updating how we teach the process of science

Backtrack to… Geology Terminology

Bring the field to students with live webcams 

Are you looking for a CURE? (Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience)

Geoscience education, meet 3D printing

Backtrack to… student feedback via video vs. red pen

Getting on board with a campus common read

To adopt or not to adopt a textbook

Make every week #EarthScienceWeek!


Some additional resources useful for the start of the semester include:

Short video clip, Is Your Syllabus Sending the Wrong Message?

Free podcast, Changing the Conversation About the Syllabus

Wired Campus, Teaching a Class Again (revisiting the syllabus)

Inside Higher Ed, Making the Most of the Syllabus