April 22, 2015

For Earth Day, make some #ClimateConfessions

Posted by Laura Guertin

Happy Earth Day, everyone!  This year marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, our annual celebration that calls attention to and for a healthy, sustainable planet.  Campuses across the nation will have various activities to raise awareness and to get students actively involved in doing “something” for Planet Earth.  If you haven’t figured out yet how to raise your voice and take action, why not make a climate confession?  You might just feel better getting your “climate guilt” off your chest!

Let me introduce you to The Adaptors, a podcast series that kicked off in January of this year, highlighting people addressing climate change.  Their introductory video is inspiring and will have you signing up for updates!  One of their projects is titled “Climate Confessions,” an opportunity for people like you and me (and our students!) to call the Climate Confessions hotline (yes, an actual hotline) to ease our conscience about what we are doing and/or not doing when it comes to climate change.

Below is a brief audio file that describes the project.  The full audio file from the 02/06/2015 Science Friday segment, titled Fess Up: We’re Taking Your ‘Climate Confessions,’ is on the Science Friday website.



So do you have a Climate Confession to make?  Learn more at the Climate Confessions website, call the hotline (1-844-U-FESS-UP), or post on Twitter with the hashtag #climateconfessions.