November 2, 2014

Need motivation to write? Join #AcaDoWriMo this November

Posted by Laura Guertin

Twitter has an amazing community of geoscientists that not only tweet the latest news and updates on scientific discoveries and geologic processes, but this virtual group is also there to support each other through the challenges and victories of our academic positions.  These “geotweeps,” as they are often called, also join the broader scientific community in being challenged to find time to disseminate our work – in other words, finding the time and motivation to write!  Whether it be writing manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed journals, or drafting a grant proposal, or writing narrative statements for dossiers, there is always something we need to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards!).

On November 1st, I came across this tweet:

I did a little searching, and it seems that this Twitter challenge has been taking place every November since 2012 – yet not everyone is quite sure what the hashtag stands for.

The 2012 “rules” for participating was to write one complete paper from scratch, or create two mostly-written papers.  Headed by Dr. Sarah Hörst (@PlanetDr), an Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences of Johns Hopkins University, here is how #AcadDoWriMo is unfolding this year.

Can just a hashtag generate the motivation needed to get results? For some, it certainly has!

Currently, Sarah has 30 people on a Twitter list of people that have pledged on Twitter to get some significant writing done this month.  Will you be joining them in the #AcaDoWriMo challenge?