November 27, 2013

Does social media make your experiences less special?

Posted by Laura Guertin

The title of this post came from a tweet I saw by @SmithsonianMag, which linked to a great post on their blog that answered their own question with “Your Life Experiences Aren’t So Special—Here’s Proof

Thomas Jullian made a 1 min 46 sec video from 852 Instagram images from 852 different people.  If you think you have captured “the” most unique photo of an iconic tourist location – think again.  The video can be viewed in the blog post and below:

This video had me thinking… this might be a clever idea for a student assignment, having students gather photos of different locations of environmental significance to look at change through time.  I’m not on Instagram myself, but I’m sure students could come up with some creative uses of monitoring environmental conditions and human impacts through the examination of photos.