June 19, 2013

Google Maps Engine Lite and its MOOC

Posted by Dr. Laura Guertin

There has been a significant update to Google Maps, a new platform that allows for even more flexibility to create customized maps.  Called Google Maps Engine Lite, this free tool allows for data to be imported from a spreadsheet, multiple layers for display, and more.  See this article from the Google Lat Long blog to learn some more and to see some examples.

How did I learn about Google Maps Engine Lite? I enrolled in the online course Google offered, titled Mapping with Google.  The course was structured like a MOOC (although they never called it that), where everyone logged in on their own time and completed a series of activities at their own pace.  The course had projects to complete involving Google Maps Engine Lite and Google Earth.  I did not learn anything new from the Google Earth portion of the course, but it was helpful to have at least a structured introduction and orientation to the new Maps Engine.  Yet again, Google provides a new tool for me to share with students and to get them engaged with various projects.

Check out my certificate of completion!