July 17, 2011

Initial thoughts on Storify

Posted by Dr. Laura Guertin

To me, Storify is an interesting way to capture what is being published online, whether by an individual or an organization, about a particular topic.  I’ve just scratched the surface myself, experimenting with Storify to compile tweets and/or images.  You can see my stories from the ISTE conference and American Museum of Natural History Tweetup at:  http://storify.com/guertin

The ProfHacker column online at The Chronicle of Higher Education published a story about Telling Social Stories with Storify, and I came across an interesting Storify story (still confused if “storify” is a noun or verb) on using Storify for Advancement.

I think the tool is fun, I think the interface is a little clunky (granted, the tool just became public this year), but I can see some academic uses.  Storify allows students to become citizen journalists, to become the creators of content, not just the consumers.  The story can be truly multimedia, allowing students to pull in from Twitter, flickr, Facebook, Blogger, and any other website.  I have an undergraduate researcher experimenting with Storify this summer.  She’s creating stories relating to environmental issues.  One of her stories relates to the ban on plastic bags (successful in cities such as San Francisco).  She is tracking the number of tweets, types of tweets, and who is tweeting about plastic bags.  Her final “report” to me will be a Storify story.  Looking forward to seeing how this comes out!