April 5, 2011

GeoTalk and Better Posters

Posted by Dr. Laura Guertin

It seems that quite suddenly, via Twitter, some great resources were having attention drawn to them.  All too often, students (and faculty!) struggle with the best ways to disseminate information.  Here are two blogs, and more specifically two entries from these blogs, that caught my eye.

The Smart Posters entry on the Better Posters blog suggests placing QR codes on posters.  The QR codes can link to a video of you talking about your poster (in case you are not present at the time someone comes by), a supplemental website, your resume, and more.  Ever since I saw QR codes in the windows of the cafeterias at the Googleplex, I’ve been fascinated to learn of alternative uses (Google used them for people to scan and find out the menu for the next day).

My fellow geo-tweeters are calling attention to GeoTalk, a blog to help geoscientists become better communicators.  I still cannot stop laughing over their entry showcasing Bad Presentation BINGO.  I found the original source, and it is fun to take a look at.  I think this made myself and others stop and think how many squares would be marked off from even our classroom lectures!

And who says you can’t learn something valuable from Twitter?