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April 27, 2020

Vern Ritchie-Battle Glacier, British Columbia Retreat, Lake Growth, Snowline Rise

Vern Ritchie (VR) and Battle Glacier (B) in 1987 and 2019 landsat images.  Three proglacial lakes have expanded at Points 2-5. WN=West Nunatak Glaier, Y=Yakutat Glacier N=Novatak Glacier, purple dots indicate snowline and green arrows indicate glacier flow direction. Vern Ritchie and Battle Glacier flow from the Alaska/Canada border of the St. Elias Mountains towards the Alsek River. In 1987 the two glaciers that share both an accumulation zone and …


September 8, 2015

Rogue River Icefield Rapid Retreat, Selwyn Mountains, Yukon

The Selwyn Mountains, Yukon Territory are host to numerous small alpine glaciers that have been rapidly losing area and volume. David Atkinson, atmospheric scientist at University of Victoria has been examining the weather conditions leading to the extensive melting and higher snowlines. From 1958-2007 glaciers lost 22% of their volume in the Yukon (Barrand and Sharp, 2010).  Due to the high snowlines Atkinson notes the rate of retreat has increased since then. …


March 1, 2012

Snowshoe Peak Glacier Retreat, Yukon

There was the Yukon Gold Rush and then there are a number of surging glaciers in the Yukon. These two have drawn our attention. In Kluane National Park, besides the large surging outlet glaciers draining the St. Elias Mountains (Donjek, Lowell, Kaskawulsh etc.) there are numerous smaller alpine glaciers in ranges just east of the St. Elias. In a recent ice core study in the Eclipse Icefield it was found …