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October 28, 2022

Suiattle, White River, Whitechuck and Honeycomb Glaciers North Cascade Range Diminishing Rapidly

USGS Map of the four glacier from 1984, with none of the seven lakes existing. In 1988 we mapped four glaciers arrayed around the Kololo Peaks just south of Glacier Peak; Honeycomb and White River feeding into Wenatchee Lake watershed, while Whitechuck and Suiatlle fed into the Suiattle River watershed. They had a combined area of 9.2 km². The glaciers had not developed a series of proglacial terminus lakes at …


February 5, 2014

White River Glacier Disequilibrium Retreat, Washington

White River Glacier in the North Cascades of Washington is on the southeast flank of Glacier Peak. From 1955-1967 White River Glacier had a stable though thinning terminus. In 1967 the glacier descended from the summit area of Kololo Peak separating into two terminus tongues ending in two basins. In both basins the glacier terminus filled the basins and flowed a short distance beyond the basins. During my first visit …