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May 31, 2021

Valdez Glacier, Alaska Significant Calving Retreat in 2020

Valdez Glacier terminus in Sentinel images from 6-27-2020, 8-21-2020 and 5-23-2021. In June the glacier’s terminus area is poised to collapse with extensive rifting and marginal proglacial lakes along the east and west margins. In July the terminus breaks up and in August the lake is filled by a flotilla of icebergs.  The May image indicates the icebergs are still present.   Valdez Glacier is an outlet glacier from the Chugach …


April 5, 2012

Valdez Glacier Retreat, Alaska

In the early 20th century Valdez Glacier descended onto a glacial outwash plain that the city of Valdez, Alaska is built upon. Today the glacier has retreated into a mountain valley and is calving into an expanding lake. David Arnold in the Double Exposure project documenting climate change photographically has a pair of images from 1938 and 2007 of the glacier. This post examines Landsat and Ikonos images from 1987, …