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March 9, 2017

Cavagnoli Glacier, Switzerland Fading Away

Google Earth image of Cavagnoli in 2010 and a Sentinel 2 image from Sept. 9  2016.  Ice masses are numbered.  No retained 2016 snowpack, note the lighter colored snow on the upper Basodino Glacier Cavagnoli Glacier (Ghiacciaio dei Cavagnöö) drains south into Lago dei Cavagnoli (Lago dei Cavagnöö), which is impounded by a dam that is 111 meters high.  The glacier like its neighbor Basodino Glacier  is in the Ticino River …


July 7, 2015

Otemma Glacier Retreat & Snowline Rise, Switzerland

Otemma Glacier is in the Upper Rhone River watershed and feeds Lac de Mauvoisin. Climate change is altering this glacier, with terminus change not being the main story it is the rising snowline and separation from tributaries. The lake fed by the glacier is impounded by Mauvoisin Dam one of the 10 largest concrete arch dams in the world. The reservoir can store 200 million cubic meters of water. The …