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August 24, 2018

Flatisen Glacier, Norway Retreats from Lake & Separates

Flatisen Glacier in Landsat images from 1990 and 2018.  The glacier terminates in the proglacial lake in 1990 at the red arrow and in 2018 at the yellow arrow no longer terminating in the lake.  The pink arrows indicate three connections of the ice cap to the terminus tongue in 1990, with two lost by 2018.  Flatisen is the primary outlet glacier on the southern side of the second largest …


September 28, 2016

Storglombreen Glacier Loss, Norway

Landsat images from 199, 2002 and 2016 comparing glaciers draining into Storglomvatnet.  Red arrows indicate 1999 terminus locations, purple dots the snowline.  Storglomvatnet has several glacier that terminated in the lake in 1999, Storglombreen Nord, Sorglombreen Sud and Tretten. This lake is the main reservoir, 3.5 billion cubic meters that feeds the 350 MW Svartisen Hydropower plant. The lake has an elevation of 585 m, while the power plant is at …