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March 27, 2023

Soler Glacier, Chile Terminus Tongue Breakup in 2023

Soler Glacier, Chile terminus tongues is 1.9 km long on 12-26-2022 and by 3-21-2023 it has broken up, with four larger bergs A-D. False color Sentinel images. In 2020 I noted that the Soler Glacier “terminus tongue in its lowest 1.5 km continue to thin and will collapse in the lake in the near future.” Here the breakup of this tongue in 2023 is reported. Soler Glacier is an outlet …


December 3, 2020

Soler Glacier Retreat and Lake Expansion

Soler Glacier in 1987 and 2020 Landsat images.  Red arrow indicates 1987 terminus location, yellow arrow indicates 2020 terminus location on north side of glacier.  Yellow dots indicate margin of lake and purple arrows indicate specific locations where glacier thinning is evident. Soler Glacier is an outlet glacier on the east side of the Northern Patagonia Icefield (NPI). The terminus response of this glacier has been slower and more limited …