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February 19, 2016

Foss Glacier, WA Needs Snow Queen Elsa’s Help to Survive

Comparison of Foss Glacier in 1988 and 2015 from the west ridge of Mount Daniel.  The glacier has lost 70% of its area in 30 years. Black arrows indicate bedrock area emerging amidst the glacier.  Foss Glacier is a slope glacier covering the northeast face of Mount Hinman at the head of the South Fork Skykomish River in the North Cascades of Washington. In the 1958 map of the region …


May 19, 2015

Skykomish River, Washington Reduced Minimum River Flow and Glacier Retreat

Fording the outlet of Blanca Lake, headwater North Fork Skykomish River. The focus this spring has been on the developing drought in Washington as a result of record low snowpack, the winter was a record warmth though not dry. The focus of this article is on another component of many alpine watersheds, glacier runoff, both the ameliorating role and their reduced ability as they shrink to augment flow during low …