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January 19, 2013

Corihuasi East Glacier Retreat, Peru

In the Cordillera Centrale of Peru a series of glaciers extends north from Pariacaca. Pariacaca is the pre-Incan god of water, appropriate name in this dry region, that is draped with glaciers and has numerous alpine lakes. On the north side of Pariacaca Mountain is the Corihuasi East Glacier. The Corihuasi Glacier has been retreating and has developed a number of holes that penetrate the glacier to its bedrock base. …


May 29, 2010

Impact of Artesonraju Glacier, Peru Retreat

Artesonraju Glacier is a 3.3 km long glacier in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru drains west from Nevado Artesonraju. The glacier feeds both Lake Artesonraju, a new lake that formed after 1930 and Lago Paron. The two lakes are dammed by glacier moraines and together have posed a hazard of a glacier dammed lake outburst. In 1951 an outburst of water and alluvium traveled from the upper Artesonraju Lake into …