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July 29, 2013

Tracy Gletscher Retreat 1987-2013, Northwest Greenland

Tracy Gletscher in Northwest Greenland has experienced an accelerated retreat since 2000. Here we utilize Landsat imagery from 1987-2013 to examine this retreat. Rignot et al (2001) identified the centerline velocity as it entered the final fjord reach, 25-30 km from the terminus, of 500 m/year, with a thickness of 1200 meters. Sakakibara and Sugiyama (2018) noted an increased retreat of 360 m/year km from 2000-2014. They noted an acceleration of …


September 17, 2011

Upernavik Glacier Retreat, NW Greenland

Box and Decker (2011) focused on the changes in the terminus of 39 Greenland Outlet glaciers from 2000-2010. Of these 35 had experienced net loss with the collective loss of 1593 km2 over the last decade. (Box and Decker, 2011). The retreat has occurred irrespective of the different characteristics of various glaciers (Bailey and Pelto, SkS) One of the glaciers in this group is Upernavik Glacier on the NW Greenland …