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July 21, 2013

Taisija Glacier Retreat, Novaya Zemlya

Taisija is an outlet glacier that drains the northern side of the Novaya Zemlya Ice Cap into the Barents Sea. This outlet glacier is just southwest of Chernysheva Glacier, and like that glacier has retreated from an island since 1988. The glacier has been retreating like all tidewater glaciers in northern Novaya Zemlya (LEGOS, 2006) Google Earth Image Here we examine the glacier using Landsat imagery from 1988-2013. In 1988 …


November 4, 2011

Retreat of Roze and Sredniy Glacier and New Island Formation Novaya Zemyla

The glaciers of northern Novaya Zemyla, Russia receive little attention. There remoteness and lack of importance as a water resource being the key reasons. A recent map produced by LEGOS (Laboratoire D’Eetudes en Geophysicque et Oceanographie Spatiales) in France highlights the changes of these glaciers from 1990-2000. The Roze Glacier and Sredniy glacier are the two northern most glaciers that reach tidewater on the east coast. Roze glaciers is noted …