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November 17, 2013

Steenstrup Glacier Retreat, New Island Generation NW Greenland

Steenstrup Glacier is located at 75.2 N in Northwest Greeland. The glacier terminates on a series of headlands and islands, the glacier immediatley to the south is Kjer Glacier. The boundary between Steenstrup Gletscher and Kjer Glacier is Red Head, Steenstrup Glacier’s northern margin is at Cape Seddon. Here we examine changes in the terminus position of Steenstrup and Kjer Glacier from 1999 to 2013. The retreat of the glacier …


October 5, 2011

New Islands Forming Kong Oscar Glacier, NW Greenland

Ongoing glacier retreat changes local maps. For alpine tt can be the formation of new lakes due to glacier retreat, the draining of a lake that had been dammed and the expansion of lakes or fjords. In the case of Greenland’s glacier that are not confined by a fjord it can be the formation of new islands. This is no longer a rare occurrence. A close look at many areas …