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March 15, 2020

Glacier Retreat Drives 400% Lake Expansion Southern Alps, New Zealand 1990-2020

Landsat images  from 1990 and 2020 of the Mueller (M), Hooker (H), Tasman (T) and Murchison (Mn) Glacier.  Red arrows indicate the 1990 terminus location, yellow arrows the 2020 terminus location and pink arrows the upglacier extent of debris cover in 1990. Glaciers of the Southern Alps of New Zealand have been losing ice volume since 1978, with an increasing rate in the last decade (Pelto, 2016).  Gjermundsen et al …


November 5, 2015

Balfour Glacier, New Zealand Retreat 1990-2015

Balfour Glacier drains west from Mount Tasman in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.  The ablation is a low slope, 8 km long debris covered tongue extending from the terminus near 800 m to 1600 m.  The glacier is fed by avalanching off of Mount Tasman to the west, the southern flank of the Fox Range to the north and the northern flank of the Balfour Range to the south. …