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November 19, 2018

35th Annual Field Observations of North Cascade Glaciers

The 2018 field season observations, conditions and summary. Field team Mariama Dryak, Erin McConnell, Jill Pelto and Mauri Pelto. For the 35th consecutive year I headed to the North Cascade Range, Washington to monitor the response of glaciers to climate change.  Two of the glaciers the North Cascade Glacier Climate Project (NCGCP) monitors are now part of the 42 glaciers comprising the World Glacier Monitoring Service  (WGMS) reference glacier network, …


February 4, 2013

Lower Curtis Glacier Annual Survey 1984-2012

The Lower Curtis Glacier is an avalanche fed cirque glacier on Mount Shuksan in the North Cascades of Washington. It is a south facing and low elevation glacier for the range. This is an unusual combination that is supported by the heavy accumulation via avalanching from the upper slopes of Mount Shuksan. The glacier displays a magnificent set of annual layers in its terminus tongue. The terminus tongue is a …