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July 6, 2013

Mittivakkat, Greenland and Lemon Creek Glacier, Alaska transient snowline paper

Mernild et al (2013) is a new paper that has authors from several countries that I am co-author on with Knudsen, Malmros in Denmark, Hanna from UK, Yde currently in Norway and Mernild in Chile. The key items here are using the snow line observed on any particular melt season day (transient snowline=TSL) as input for mass balance assessment. This paper examines how similar the migration of the TSL is …


February 19, 2011

Mittivakkat Glacier Retreat, Greenland

A paper by Mernild and others (2011) focusses on the Mittivakkat Glacier on the east coast of Greenland. The glacier is separate from the Greenland Ice Sheet and its climate response as a result more rapid and more similar to other alpine glaciers. Mernild and others (2011) observe that the glacier has retreated 1300 meters since 1931 and that it has had a considerable negative mass balance since 1995. Sebastian …