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July 20, 2022

Glacier Landslides and Collapses Preconditioned by Warming

Lamplugh Glacier, Alaska in 2015 (before) and 2016 (after) landslide in Landsat images. The Landslide covered 17 km2 of the glacier, yellow dots. B=Brady, L=Lamplugh, R=Reid Glacier. Ice whether as permafrost, in a glacier, filling cracks or coating surfaces literally helps stabilize materials on mountain slopes. Climbers who ascend glaciated peaks have long practiced early starts to avoid the heat of the day. The goal to avoid falling, rock, ice …


July 7, 2016

Lamplugh Glacier Recent Behavior and Landslide Source Area, Alaska

Lamplugh Glacier before and after landslide, in Landsat 8 images, which is 7.5 km long and covers 17 square kilometers. L=Lamplugh, R=Reid and B=Brady Glacier. A recent large landslide onto Lamplight Glacier on June 28, 2016 has been reported by KHNS. ┬áThe landslide was triggered on the north slope of a steep unnamed mountainside on the west side of the Lamplugh Glacier, Glacier Bay, Alaska. The landslide has been estimated …