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January 2, 2023

King George Bay, Antarctica Glacier Retreat Expands Turret Point Oasis and Releases New Island

King George Bay Glacier retreat releases a new island (Point B) and expanded ice free oases in 1989 and 2022 Landat Images. Point A marks an area where the glacier had reached the coast until after 2005. Point B is the new island, Point C= new oasis, PI=Penguin Island, TP=Turret Point Oasis King George Bay is on the southeast coast of King George Island. This coastline is comprised mainly of …


April 3, 2018

Warsaw Icefield, King George Is., Antarctica Retreating from Shoreline

Warsaw Icefield, King George Island, Antarctica glacier retreat and nunatak expansion in 1989, 2001 and 2018 Landsat images. E=Ecology Glacier, B=Baranowski Glacier, W=Windy Glacier, 1989 terminus locations indicated by red arrows.  Point A & B are nunataks.  The Arctowski Polish Research Station is located on a relatively large ice-free oasis northeast of the Warsaw Icefield on King George Island, Antarctica. The station is on Admiralty Bay where  Ecological monitoring has been …